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download Cribbage Champion here
  An exciting game of Cribbage just for you. Try to beat the opponents that get better and better as you do. Test your luck and try to win a Trophy or 20 if you can.
Download Cribbage Champion now, the best Cribbage game on the PC.

  • Real life look and feel of playing cribbage with your friends or even in a tournament
  • Competitive multi-skilled opponents that get better and better as you do
  • Select from different colors settings, backgrounds, high-quality card decks, and board types
  • Set the speed of play
  • Use the Crib Tutor to try different scoring scenarios with your cards
  • Multi-lingual
  • Muggins
  • Great sounds and features
  • Nonstop tournament competition
  • Optional Real-time scoring pad
  • Statistics include: Trophies, wins, losses, win avg., skunks, skunked, best hand ever, best crib ever, hand avg., and crib avg.
  • Star ratings not only for your opponents but also for yourself
  • All card play is completely random, no set hands for better opponents
  • Hours of addictive entertainment
  • And don't forget Trophies! Trophies! Trophies!

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